Windows Forensic Boot Disk

Tools For The SAFE Windows Forensic Boot Disk

SAFE supports the ability to run third party Windows tools in the SAFE operating system environment. The following tools have been tested on a limited basis and are currently supported*:
  • FTK Imager
  • EnCase6 (EnCase dongle required for full mode; acquisition mode without EnCase dongle)
  • X-Ways Forensics (X-Ways dongle required)
  • WinRAR
  • WinHex (WinHex dongle or license file required)
  • Irfanview image viewer
  • VLC video viewer
  • Open Office 1.5
  • Download Trial
    Tools Disk Creator

    Download Tools Disk Creator For Licensed SAFE

    To use these third party tools, you must create a USB SAFE Tools Disk, which is a USB drive specifically partitioned and formatted as a SAFE Tools Disk. SAFE Tools Disks are described further in the SAFE Manual. The Trial Tools Disk Creator does not require a SAFE dongle and will allow only FTK Imager, EnCase6, X-Ways Forensics, and WinRAR. The Tools Disk Creator for licensed SAFE requires the SAFE dongle in order for it to run and make a tools disk. It allows adding all of the tools listed above and the ability to read from a configuration file to add new tools.

    To create a USB SAFE tools disk:

    • You must have a licensed version of the tool(s) you wish to install, and the tool must be installed on the computer that you use to create the USB SAFE Tools Disk.
    • Download the Trial USB SAFE Tools Disk Creator, or the USB SAFE Tools Disk Creator for licensed SAFE, from one of the links above.
    • Install it on your computer. If you are using the USB SAFE Tools Disk Creator for licensed SAFE, then insert your SAFE dongle to the workstation.
    • Insert a USB drive to your computer. This will become your tools disk. When you run the USB SAFE Tools Disk Creator, you will be prompted for the tools you wish to install. If the applications are not in the expected location on your computer, you will be prompted to browse to the application's folder. (Note that this application will reformat your USB drive.)
    • Once you create a USB SAFE Tools Disk, simply insert it into a USB port of any machine booted to SAFE. SAFE will recognize the tools disk, install the tools present on the disk, and your tool(s) will be available on a Y:\ drive for you to use while in the SAFE operating system environment.
    The ability to add other tools will be available soon. Please tell us which tools you would like to see added, and if you successfully test any of your favorite tools in SAFE please let us know.

    *The manufacturers of these 3rd party tools are not partners with ForensicSoft and there is no guarantee that all features of these tools are designed to be compatible with the SAFE environment.